Since March 2020 I have conducted more than 40 hours of pro bono coaching services.

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, I have been offering a limited number of coaching scholarships — no-fee coaching sessions for those who need them but are not in a position to pay. There are limits to how much of this free service I can offer, as soon I would be working entirely for free. However, thanks to the recommendation of a friend, I am now accepting contributions to my Coaching Scholarship Fund. Please consider making a contribution to help someone get the coaching they need. For every coaching session funded by contributions, I will match with a session that I will provide gratis.

You may submit your contribution by Pay Pal by clicking on the link below, if you have a Pay Pal account, or by check or other electronic services. Contact me at to make arrangements. You may make a contribution in any amount you choose.

I will accept applications for the free sessions by email. Please let me know why you need the sessions and what personal goal you wish to accomplish. I will write back.

Regretfully, contributions are not tax deductible. Thank you for your support.