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Eirini is a Transformational Life Coach, who founded me2morph to offer the insights she has learned along her personal and professional journey to guide people to reach their own potential. She and her clients, together, have achieved breathtaking results.

It was only in the process of overcoming her own challenges that Eirini learned to see life in a different light. “It wasn’t until I changed my way of thinking that I was able to turn my life around,” says Eirini. “Now I guide people see life in a different light so that they can tap into their inner talents and gifts and find their own answers and purpose.” 

Eirini has studied life coaching under the acclaimed Dave Buck at CoachVille, the preeminent life coaching academy founded by Thomas Leonard, considered the founding father of coaching. She is a Certified Life Coach, with the designation CVPCC (CoachVille Professional Certified Coach).

Eirini completed Peer Specialist Training with the Mental Health Association of Westchester, learning the use of engagement and reflective listening as part of the recovery process. This led to her to a professional position as director of life enrichment at an adult residential care facility. She was responsible for the enrichment of 74 residents, all of whom had such conditions as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar and anxiety. 

For more than a decade, Eirini has volunteered to provide pet therapy, meditation, deep breathing, stress management and pastoral care services at local hospitals. 

Eirini continues to grow by taking courses and attending retreats jointly provided by the NYU School of Medicine and the Art of Living Foundation.

Eirini’s first career was as a graphic designer for major brands, publications and television commercials after graduation with a B.F.A. from the SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology. She and her husband raised their two children in Westchester, NY, where she served as a Girl Scout leader. She founded a Greek Folk Dancing Troupe that performs in New York and Connecticut, to share her passion for dance with others.

Eirini’s name means "Peace" in the Greek language.

Says Eirini, “I continue to make a difference in people’s lives as I am being called to do, so that I may share my greatest treasure, my inner joy!”

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