Life Coaching for your needs!

Me2morph is a life-coaching company dedicated to helping people transform their lives.

Our name is derived from “metamorphosis,” an ancient Greek word meaning change. Me2 means that yes, you too can change!

Are you feeling stuck with one of your goals? Whether it’s professional or personal, at me2morph we can help you overcome the obstacles that are getting in your way. Together we uncover your strengths and unleash your possibilities.

So why wait one more day to become the person you were always meant to be? Let a coach guide you to play the game of life better—with life-changing results.


         Life Coaching Services

Complimentary 1/2 hr. Life Coaching via Zoom/phone

In this exploratory session we help you define your goal and unlock the powerful energy you have within you to achieve it. We do not charge for this initial service.

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Personal one-hour Life Coaching sessions

Through a process of dialogue we discover the opportunities and challenges of your life endeavor and develop a plan of action for you to achieve your winnable goal.

All sessions are conducted in person or by phone, Zoom/Facetime, depending on location and preference of client.

Connect with a Life Coach!

Group Life Coaching

In group sessions each participant contributes to the growth of others. We conduct all of our sessions in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect for all.

Connect with a Life Coach!

Connect with a Life Coach

CLICK for your complimentary 1⁄2 hour introductory consultation with a life coach.

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