Discovering Your Inner Goddess in Ikaria, Greece: 2019

Dearest 🌷loved ones and all!

Greetings from Greece! I wanted to share with you an experience of blessed strength and hope that I had in June after the loss of my beloved brother Manny, who left me with words of love and wisdom, “continue living your life.” So be it! I continued planning my trip to Greece and preparing for my very first retreat in Ikaria!

“Discover Your Inner Goddess” took place at the end of June and beginning of July. I had no idea how I was going to shift from sorrow and loss to adventure and discovery. I have to say I was 🙏blessed with a sense of peace and spiritual energy to be totally engaged with the retreat. I felt divinely blessed💖 to continue my journey in making a difference for others!🌹The trip to Ikaria gave me permission to grieve for Manny, reflect on my life and celebrate my victories.

The experience that I created for all my 💞goddesses was to have a taste of their💫 powerhouse! Their Inner Goddess. What it means to pursue their greatness, their authentic self, in an environment that seduces you to your core nature of truth and love and allows you to come alive and thrive!

Guided by their✨ inner Goddess to possibilities they never imagined! Tapping into their sweet spot — and POOF! — the ordinary became extraordinary, by having a break-through, by identifying areas of feeling and changing their story!

We would start the day with deep breathing and meditation, and on certain days we would do yoga. Then we would set the stage on how we would choose to perform for the day.

The days were filled with relaxing, reflecting, journaling, massages, hiking and picking seasonal herbs. We went swimming in natural spring saunas, hot springs and mineral waters in a cave, that are healing to the body. They are radiated with therapeutic radon from the earth’s core.

We had day trips around the island and continued our retreat on the island of Chios.

In the evening we would have a coaching debrief with the goddesses. Shared experiences, new insights, challenge, growth and celebrations for each day.

At night we would dance at the festivals called panegyria.

The goddesses had a personal awakening in the fresh Mediterranean air of Ikaria. They experienced a taste of 🦋metamorphosis! How beautiful is that! I’m so grateful for all our gifts and blessings! 💝

“Here are a few of the generous remarks that the goddesses had to say about their experience.”

“The journey to finding my inner Greek Goddess with Eirini has been life changing. Eirini provided support and wisdom for each individualized member of our group. This trip provided me with the confidence I had been searching for through our sessions and the journey to loving ourselves. ”

“WOW! It clicked! I got it……. I CAN!”

I am already planning several other retreats for the summer of 2020! Please let me know if you are interested.

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