Episode 1. Courage and Authenticity

Welcome to Dancing through Life with Eirini, the podcast dedicated to getting you onto the dance floor of life.

I believe that we can all tap into the metaphorical spirit of dance to overcome our anxieties and achieve our potential.

As a transformational coach, I guide people to achieve their dreams. My purpose is to inspire and give hope.

In this episode we begin a four-part series based on the work of my mentor, Dr. Lance Secretan. Lance is acknowledged as one of the most insightful leadership coaches of our time.

We’ll be exploring Lance’s concepts known as The CASTLE® Principles. CASTLE® is an acronym. It stands for Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfulness, Love and Effectiveness. These values can help us all live inspiring lives that light the way for others.

I’ll be adding my own insights and we’ll be joined by a “guest dancer” — financial coach Paul Roux — to talk about the first two principles: courage & authenticity.

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Dr. Lance Secretan

CASTLE® Principles Assessment

Paul Roux

2 thoughts on “Episode 1. Courage and Authenticity”

  1. Eirini your podcast was so inspirational. I really appreciated hearing your insights and also Paul Roux’s. I feel greater courage to keep dancing on the dance floor and making my dreams come true. This presentation was so loving, compassionate, inspiring and motivating. Your transparency and Paul’s gave me even more determination to achieve my dreams,and to focus on my blessings regardless of any current obstacles. Thank you so much for such a rich and inspiring podcast.

  2. I loved the theme throughout this first podcast of dancing on the floor of life. I appreciated the interaction between coach Eirini and her guest Paul. His response to what authenticity meant for him was inspirational: “… who I am, want to become and be remembered for.” It was a playful podcast, being in the flow of life and allowing feelings to flow through us.

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