Episode 3: Love and Effectiveness

Welcome to Dancing through Life with Eirini, the podcast dedicated to getting you onto the dance floor of life. 

As a Transformational Coach, my passion is to guide people to achieve their dreams.

In this third episode of our four-part series I speak with financial coach Paul Roux and transformational coach Rebecca Boswell about the leadership principles — love and effectiveness — developed by my coaching mentor, Dr. Lance Secretan.

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Dr. Lance Secretan

CASTLE® Principles Assessment

Paul Roux

Rebecca Boswell

4 thoughts on “Episode 3: Love and Effectiveness”

  1. Σ ευχαριστώ που με θυμάσαι σου εύχομαι επιτυχία σε ό,τι κάνεις και ανταποδίδω τις ευχές για ένα ευτυχισμένο 2021τα φιλιά μου στον Γιάννη

  2. Hi Eirini,
    Thank you so very much for having the courage to create these wonderfully inspirational podcasts. It meant a lot to me when I heard Paul and Rebecca share how they experience love and effectiveness. How beautiful that Paul gets great joy out of guiding people financially and he inspires them to have the courage to follow their dreams. Rebecca shared how important it is to check our motives if we are truly being loving when we share our truth. Yes, it is so important to take a self-check to see if we are being controlling or manipulative. In their enthusiasm for leaving a positive legacy upon others it is clear that you Eirini, Paul and Rebecca desire to give out of love and to be truly who we are. Listening to these podcasts helps me to examine my motivation and my heart as I am traveling the road of my destiny. Listening to these podcasts helps me to keep transforming into my higher self and who God wants me to be.

  3. Mπράβο Ειρήνη. Μου αρεσε πολύ το podcast σου. Γεμάτο αγάπη και αισιοδοξια σ’αυτους τους δύσκολους καιρούς. Σίγουρα 5 star rating
    Kαλη Χρονιά με υγεία και χαρές

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